Westwood vs Champagnat

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Our Young-Warriors did some real growing-up tonight against a formidable foe and Regional rival Champagnat Catholic. Having to wait for years to get a victory over a team that simply “had our number”, was a sweet victory for the program and a team working hard to establish their true identity. Our Warriors fought tooth-and-nail for every possession and simply would not be denied. Just when things looked bleak for our Warriors, players stepped-up in remarkable fashion to get the win.

Matthew Mejias dropped a few 3-point bombs in the early going and drove to the basket like a true Warrior throughout the the game. His main assignment was to stop the opposition’s tops scorer and Matt really rose to the challenge. Limiting him to hardly any “open-looks” and forcing him into tough shots, helped our boys put the clamps on a red-hot team and ushered them to the losing line.

James used his athletic prowess and major-effort to stifle his counterpart and help slow down a top level player. James’ desire to compete and show he belongs, were huge for his Warriors, and his timely rebounds helped fuel us to the win. Senior David Monell played his best game of the year at just the right time, clamping on the opponents point guard and basically shutting him down in the second half.

David’s timely 3-point bomb along the baseline with less than a minute to play, sealed the victory for our Warriors and propelled him to be considered the top-level guard in the Region. His 17-points, 5-steals, 5-assists were a “thing of beauty” to watch and really lifted the team. Not to be outdone was the play of swing-man Shelby OsceolaShelby answered the call in major fashion with a number of 3-point daggers throughout the game and with his phenomenal ability to control the game with solid decision-making and major “guts”.

Shelby put his team on his shoulders and carried the load in this important Regional matchup and made sure he did whatever it took for the win. His 4 3’s came at just the perfect time, breaking the spirit of the opposition, including a long-range bomb from nearly half court that brought the crowd to its feet and help start the offensive show for the Warriors . Shelby has proved this season to be the top forward in the District and one of the top players in Dade County as well.

Big E” was as always, a big-factor in this one. He handled the paint and did an admirable job in the blocks. His dominance on the defensive end was at full-tilt, as he swatted-away anything that came his way, shutting down the middle and forcing the other team to score in other ways. His game-high 17-rebounds cannot go unnoticed, as he manned-the-middle like a true Warrior, fighting for every possession and giving maximum effort along the way. This game could not have been won without “Eman” and his incredible play in the post and is the real reason why our Warriors are currently ranked top-7 in the State and a real contenders for a State Title.

Westwood 62 Champagnat 59

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