Warriors vs. Pinecrest – Homecoming Game

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Homecoming Night featured plenty of good times and cheers, as our Warriors raced-out to an insurmountable lead while cruising to the victory. Pinecrest was no match, although their coach has them playing with extreme passion and focus, as our Warriors made the right decisions all night long. Senior bothers Matthew and Mikey Mejias paced the team with some good old fashioned hustle and desire, forcing turnovers and converting them into easy buckets at the other end. Adrian dropped a team-high 19-points and 4 steals while draining 3 3’s and combined with Emmanuel’s performance down-low to dominate the opposition.

Emmanuel finished off the night with 14-points, 14-rebounds, and 8 blocked shots while senior Jose Rodriguez came off the bench to provide a huge spark for the team. Jose nailed several long-range daggers and ended the game with 13-points and plenty of aggressive plays. Our Warriors continue to mature and grow into a top-notch ball club and one that is not only fun to watch but also fun to coach and develop.

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